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    An Adventure by Disney vacation is an unforgettable journey into lands filled with wonder, enchantment and remarkable stories. Where you can choose from 23 incredible itineraries to some of the world's most spectacular destinations - seeing and doing more than you ever could on your own. From ziplining in the Swiss Alps to safariing by jeep in South Africa. This is no ordinary vacation. It's a chance to experience the world not as a tourist, but as an adventurer.

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    Early Booking Rate

    Everyone loves a discount, and by far the best way to get a discount on your Adventure by Disney is to book early, and get the Early Booking Rate. There are a few requirements to get the Early Booking Rate:

    1. You must book at least 90 days before the start date of the Adventure
    2. There must be availability at the discounted rate (subject to availability)

    The first one is easy to understand, book 90 days in advance, you have a pretty decent shot at getting a cheaper rate. The second one is a bit more vague. Each adventure group is pretty small, between 30 and 50 depending on the tour. Disney allows a set number of guests, the first to book, to get the discount, and once it is full at the cheaper rate, you no longer are able to get it on that tour. Make sure to check the week before and after, if you can travel those dates, it still may be available.

    One other thing to note is that once you start getting closer to the travel date, the rates can go up pretty quickly. The process is very similar to the Disney Cruise or just about any airline. The first to book get the best rate, the last to book pay twice as much (or more). The lesson learned here is to book early!

    The Early Booking Rate will save you between $200 and $400 per person off of the regular rates, depending on the Adventure.

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